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Who do you sing to?

At the start of our service yesterday I glanced around about me, as I’m prone to do, and took stock of what was happening in church. I wondered about a few faces I couldn’t see, and whether they’re okay. I wondered about the different things that the team were doing and whether everything was running smoothly. As I turned back towards the front and analysed whether the lighting behind the team was symmetrical or not (it was, our team are awesome), I really felt God challenge me on one thing: who did you come to sing to this evening? I had been distracted by good thoughts, in...
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Lose Control

I like to feel in control. I’d not go as far as saying I’m a control freak but I’ve definitely got the tendencies. It’s said that people fear what they can’t understand, but it’s equally true that people fear what they can’t control. One of the scariest things about enduring life’s storms can be the feeling that we no longer have control and there’s nothing we can do. The anxiety and worry of feeling unable to get a handle on what’s going on often seems even worse than the potential outcomes. A lesson from history Two thousand years ago when they finally decided to...
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Fighting For The Furthest Heart

I’ve often wondered about war photographers. How did Robert Capa feel when he captured the image of a man dying in a Spanish battle? How does it feel to observe yet not have the power to intervene? There’s a moral tension between the duty to tell the world the story and the duty to join the struggle. Martin Luther King Jr understood this; a photographer once put down his camera and waded in to try and stop police brutality. King reprimanded him severely, because now the world would never see what had happened – all he had done was add...
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A Powerful Declaration

Some moments are created awkward, some are created special, some romantic, some painful, and some? Some are as near to perfect as can occur in a fallen world. Last Saturday afternoon fell firmly into the latter group. It was almost five o’clock and the sun hung low in the sky and cast a wonderful golden glow over the whole scene. We were on Isamilo Hill, Mwanza, Tanzania, on a little dirt road that runs up the hillside. Next to the road is enough of a dusty area to play football, and surrounding that a grassy knoll. Along the roadside are...
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Exit Stage Left

As I drove this morning I heard a story on the radio about the playwright, thespian and composer, Noël Coward. He had taken his good friend, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, then Queen and now fondly remembered as the Queen Mother, to the theatre to see his play, Blithe Spirit.  That night, the play was not performed as he had envisioned it. Embarrassed that his friend wasn’t seeing it at its best, he took matters into his own hands; after act one he demanded the lead role step down and replaced him with himself. I’m sure the second act benefited from having Noël in...
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