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A Handful of Kings

Everything points to Jesus. It’s one of the first rules of biblical studies, everything points to Jesus. When you’re knee deep in the history of the kings of Israel and Judah, however, that can be harder to see than at other times. It can seem like an endless roll call of ne’er-do-wells with only the occasional bright light. A long list of men—with names that seem at times confusingly similar, and mainly begin with the letter J—who all too often ‘did what was evil in the sight of the Lord’. I believe, however, that the histories recorded in the bible speak not...
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This Girl Can

I remember the first time I blogged about International Women’s Day it was quite by accident. I had been on my way to the refectory at university to buy some lunch when I was approached by numerous girls telling me which way I should vote in the day’s student elections. I knew nothing about the issues on campus but I knew a good smile when I saw one and voted accordingly. On my return to my desk I posted my experiences along with the inevitable conclusion that Emmeline Pankhurst had not went far enough: Men should be disenfranchised because we were far too...
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Lost in Wonder

There’s a sweeping trend online at the moment for sentimental stories; you know the kind? They usually whisk you off to a video; the title will tell you that you’re going to be amazed, your life will be changed, and you will be awestruck and filled with wonder as an unknown person wows the whole internet. And you’ll watch something sentimental for thirty seconds then get bored and go on with your day. Can I ask the question; have you ever been truly awestruck by what waited on the other side of the hyperlink? For me the effect of all of these things...
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William Tyndale

The dramatisation by the BBC of Hilary Mantel’s Booker Prize winning novels, Wolf Hall and Bring up the Bodies, has brought Tudor England and it’s characters into the forefront of the public’s conciousness at the moment. Figures like Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII, and Thomas More are having their reputations analysed in the public eye as the media seeks to explore the balance between fiction and history. One figure mentioned in those books, however, towers above the rest for me: William Tyndale. When Elijah was on the run from the power crazed insanity of Jezebel, he cried out to God saying that he...
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Open To The Word

Have you ever prayed one of those prayers where you just lay it all down and ask God to have His way in your life? Tell Him that you want Him to outwork His plan and His purpose? At one time or another, most followers of Christ have prayed this prayer. And the next day, of course, you heard a booming voice from heaven say: “I want you to go reach the lost Amazonian tribes with the gospel. Take up your cross, follow me.”  You heard that, right? You didn’t? Of course you didn’t, because for the vast majority of...
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