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Keep on Running…

It was about four kilometres in to the race when I decided to give up. I was 80% done, my time was within touching distance of my best, but my will was broken. Let me rewind a little bit and I’ll explain. This year I started taking part in parkrun; it’s a weekly 5km race that is open to all and takes place in parks around the world. The first week I ran the race in 24:25, and felt like I had almost killed myself, but then I started to quicken up. The weekly run strengthened my legs and expanded my lung capacity. Three weeks ago...
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Build or Destroy?

If I leave my office by the back door and cross the road I’m faced with a beautiful old building with swinging double doors and a gold name plate that reads: The Literary and Philosophical Society. It is the largest independent library outside of London and contains hundreds of thousands of books in its wonderful reading rooms. One of the books is an original of Chains of Slavery by infamous revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat. Marat practised as a veterinarian in Newcastle and wrote his first revolutionary material here; his words, as history so readily tells us, helped ignite uprisings in Europe and made him a key player in the...
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