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No Coincidences

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I tend to be delighted by words. My friend Thom is probably the only person I know even more delighted by them; Thom, you see, is a linguist. I remember when I first came to church I was confused by the fact that I would sit next to him and he’d be taking notes in a different language each week just to practice. Last week we came to be having a conversation about the way that language shapes culture and he brought up a very interesting fact: There is no...
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Desires of the heart

I remember, going back a good few years, a simpler time when the desires of the heart could be spelled out in a single four letter word: Lego. To my nine year old self lego was pretty much all that was needed to make any day a hundred and twenty percent better. I remember the excuses I’d make with the parents when they stopped me playing with it on a Sunday to chat to people from church; ‘…but mum, dad, I’m not playing pirates! Why would you think that? Forget the cannons and cutlasses, I’m playing out that story about...
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