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Temples Built by Human Hands

Sitting on the Areopagus, right where Paul stood and addressed the assembly, I couldn’t help but be filled with questions: How can steps carved into ancient rock be that slippy? What VSCO preset would make my photos look nicest? Why do people insist on taking that many selfies in a single location? And, more importantly, what was Paul thinking to stand there and say the things that he said? As I looked around I was surrounded by the wonders of ancient Athens. To one side, so close that you feel could almost spit on it, is the Acropolis. It dominates the view, crowned...
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Getting real

As some of you may know, and those who don’t are about to find out, I am hugely inspired by the work of Caravaggio. His art is immediate, raw and passionate, it jumps off the canvas and down your throat; while other artists painted the classical form—perfect, aspirational, inspired by the great sculptors of the past—he painted real people with an abrupt and powerful urgency. Dirt on fingernails, weather beaten faces. At the centre of this drunken brawler’s work was the message of the gospel; not men elevated to the form of God, but God taking the form of man. But this post isn’t really about...
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Just the Two of Us

I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me that she had been driving and had her first blow out. I was concerned so naturally asked if everything was okay and what she had done; everything was fine, she’d gotten to the side of the road and phoned her dad. I wonder what she said when she called him? I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure she didn’t speak in old English, and address him in a very formal fashion. It probably went something like: “Dad, I’ve had a blow out. I’m by the road...
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