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Temples Built by Human Hands

Sitting on the Areopagus, right where Paul stood and addressed the assembly, I couldn’t help but be filled with questions: How can steps carved into ancient rock be that slippy? What VSCO preset would make my photos look nicest? Why do people insist on taking that many selfies in a single location? And, more importantly, what was Paul thinking to stand there and say the things that he said? As I looked around I was surrounded by the wonders of ancient Athens. To one side, so close that you feel could almost spit on it, is the Acropolis. It dominates the view, crowned...
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The Open Door Policy

There has always been debate about the Catholic doctrine of cardinal sins, but slightly less print space has been dedicated to debating the cardinal sins in my parents’ house. Growing up I was barely even aware of the Pope, but what the parents said was law. There were three cardinal sins in our house: not washing the dishes, not cleaning your room, and leaving lights on after you. It was drummed into me the fact that when there was no one in the room, there was no reason to leave the light on. I see this in action now when...
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