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Comments Policy

One of the goals of Sixty Stadia is to start conversations that encourage and edify. Commenting is allowed on all posts by default, but I would ask that if you’re going to comment you abide by a few rules to keep conversation civil.

By commenting on this blog you agree to abide by the following policies:

  • You may comment without registering. All that is needed is a name and an email address. (Your email will not be displayed.)
  • You may not comment anonymously. I believe that we should only say things we would willingly take ownership of. If you wish to add to a conversation behind a veil of anonymity then you should question how you would phrase what you wish to say if you were at a dinner party or chatting with friends.
  • Comments are not moderated before publishing. Join the conversation.
  • You are welcome to disagree. Part of conversation is that we don’t always agree. All I ask is that if you’re posting because you disagree please be civil and polite.
  • I reserve the right to delete comments. This is my website and final say on what is posted rests with me. I reserved the right to delete any comments that are offensive, rude, racist, profane, misleading, libellous, spam or which I deem to be uncivil.