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Here Now

I love the way old cameras work. I’ve a beautiful vintage Olympus film camera at home; there are no menus, buttons, or screens, and everything is adjusted by rotating the lens in different places. Each section of lens has a different texture and the whole experience of photography becomes very tactile. As you rotate the lens, you can watch as the world seen through the viewfinder goes from blurry and out of focus to suddenly become crystal clear. I had a moment like this during the worship at church on Sunday morning, a moment where everything seems to click into place...
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Still Faithful After All These Years

I remember when I first heard the new Zion record from Hillsong United, I was in a particularly bad funk. It’s hard to describe the effect that first hearing the song Oceans had on me. It blew me away entirely as a declaration of God’s faithfulness and ministered to me where I was at. One line seared itself into my mind as though placed there with a branding iron: “You’ve never failed and You won’t start now.”  Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me You’ve never failed and You won’t start now – Oceans, Hillsong United I love it,...
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