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That’s Not My Name

“Sticks and stones may break my bones,” goes the rhyme, “but words will never hurt me.” If only that were true. The truth is that words come loaded with power and meaning and at any stage in life name calling is a damaging thing. There is one guy who has called me some really negative things;┬áit’s usually in moments of frustration or anger or sadness but that doesn’t make it all right. If this person was anyone else, I imagine that I’d have given in to anger and yelled at them in return, or else just frozen them out of...
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Let Down Your Nets

Donald Rumsfeld, secretary of state during the Bush administration, once famously said that there were four types of known. There were known knowns, known unknowns, unknown knowns, and unknown unknowns; it’s just a complicated say of saying there’s a lot of stuff that we know and a lot of stuff that we don’t know. For God however, there is only one type of known; one of the perks of omniscience is the fact that you know absolutely everything there is to know. It’s baffling to me, then, that I still sometimes find myself thinking about things as though I know...
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