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Faith in Action

A Powerful Declaration

Some moments are created awkward, some are created special, some romantic, some painful, and some? Some are as near to perfect as can occur in a fallen world. Last Saturday afternoon fell firmly into the latter group. It was almost five o’clock and the sun hung low in the sky and cast a wonderful golden glow over the whole scene. We were on Isamilo Hill, Mwanza, Tanzania, on a little dirt road that runs up the hillside. Next to the road is enough of a dusty area to play football, and surrounding that a grassy knoll. Along the roadside are...
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At first glance, striding past the painting on the walls of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, you could mistake it for just another Turner of the era; it bears all of the familiar trademarks of his maritime scenes, the colours, the lights in the sky, the sea. It’s only when you actually stop and look that you make out the shape of a human limb, and another, and another, and realise that the sea is full of bodies struggling as they’re sucked beneath the waves. This isn’t a prosaic landscape, it’s hell on the seas. The Slave Ship...
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