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Forever Grateful

I’ve come to realise, in recent months, that I’m quite the expert on the subject of eternal gratitude. The realisation came to me while driving. I had pulled over to allow another car to pass and they passed without a wave, a little flash of the headlights, a wiggle of the indicators, or even so much as a precursory glance in my direction. Naturally I was furious; surely an appropriate response would have been for them to acknowledge my kindness, maybe look up my address online and send a gift hamper, or have their first born cycle eternally in front of my...
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Can I let you in to a secret? As a Brit, I’ve often been a little bit cynical about thanksgiving. Not about the concept of saying thank you, but about the American holiday. For years I tended to adopt a particular air of indifference when it was mentioned and make an abundance of very dry, very sarcastic, comments. I’m all for gratitude where it’s due but dedicating a whole night to it? It’s just didn’t seem British. It’s not that I didn’t believe in being thankful, I just tended towards the more subtle expression of thanks – it was my general belief that...
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The Missing Suitcase

About ten hours after writing this article I’ll be boarding a flight to Spain. I have spent no little time playing the world’s most intricate game of tetris in order to try and squeeze everything I need for five days into a suitcase that I can carry onboard; there’s a reason for this tussle with the laws of physics, and that is the fact that the airline I’m flying with has had occasional bad press for being sloppy with bags. I do not want to risk a missing suitcase. It was a different story a week or so ago though....
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