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Anyone who has lived in Newcastle will know the monument. In many ways it’s the epicentre of life in the city; it is the place all directions are given in relation to, it’s the place where people meet, and it’s the place where people gather. There, at the top of a 135ft column, is a statue of Earl Grey. (Yes, the chap they named the tea after.) Earl Grey was the Prime Minister who authored the great reform act and who led the government that passed the 1833 bill for the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. On Saturday afternoon,...
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The Tipping Point for Slavery?

Yesterday saw the announcement of the Oscar nominations and leading the field is a biographical epic from Steven Spielberg about President Lincoln’s battle to end slavery. We applaud the efforts of Lincoln to make slavery illegal in the USA, but the scary fact is that slavery is bigger business now than ever before. There are more slaves in the world today than even at the height of the slave trade. We rightly celebrate Wilberforce, Alexander II, Equiano and Lincoln, but if we don’t continue their work then our words are nothing but hollow praise. You may not have heard of Donald Ainslie...
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