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Who do you sing to?

At the start of our service yesterday I glanced around about me, as I’m prone to do, and took stock of what was happening in church. I wondered about a few faces I couldn’t see, and whether they’re okay. I wondered about the different things that the team were doing and whether everything was running smoothly. As I turned back towards the front and analysed whether the lighting behind the team was symmetrical or not (it was, our team are awesome), I really felt God challenge me on one thing: who did you come to sing to this evening? I had been distracted by good thoughts, in...
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A Powerful Declaration

Some moments are created awkward, some are created special, some romantic, some painful, and some? Some are as near to perfect as can occur in a fallen world. Last Saturday afternoon fell firmly into the latter group. It was almost five o’clock and the sun hung low in the sky and cast a wonderful golden glow over the whole scene. We were on Isamilo Hill, Mwanza, Tanzania, on a little dirt road that runs up the hillside. Next to the road is enough of a dusty area to play football, and surrounding that a grassy knoll. Along the roadside are...
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The Missing Suitcase

About ten hours after writing this article I’ll be boarding a flight to Spain. I have spent no little time playing the world’s most intricate game of tetris in order to try and squeeze everything I need for five days into a suitcase that I can carry onboard; there’s a reason for this tussle with the laws of physics, and that is the fact that the airline I’m flying with has had occasional bad press for being sloppy with bags. I do not want to risk a missing suitcase. It was a different story a week or so ago though....
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Glory Due

When Bon Jovi first bellowed the words Livin’ on a prayer into a microphone he probably wasn’t describing my life. I was three at the time and prayer was that thing dad made us do before dinner where we all held hands and got a wee bit pentecostal on up in here. About two years ago, however, the words Livin’ on a prayer could have described my life to a tee. I had been in a progressively worsening situation in life for some years and had reached tipping point. I learned a lot. I prayed a lot. I knew what had to be done,...
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