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Tag Archive: Grace

Kanye, Kim, and The Cross

I’ve never been big into celebrity culture, TMZ is an unknown territory of wild frontiers and names that I don’t really know. Prone to cynicism about the nature of fame, I tend to stick to the well worn paths of my own interests; The recent wedding of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, however, has made me think. It’s made me think about grace. The intersection of celebrity culture and Christianity is an interesting one. We should be, by the very nature of our faith, more full of grace than anyone. We should be the very model of grace, understanding, and forgiveness. Sadly it...
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Two of my favourite books are hitting the big screen this year, which is always a nervous thing for a literature fan. Last week I saw the first of the two, Les Miserables, and was reminded of all that I love about the story and it’s powerful way of portraying the themes that run right through what we believe. The over riding theme of grace is so strong, and it’s being communicated so powerfully to so many people, that it can’t pass uncommented on. (J.John, a far more august mind than my own, has written on the topic already and...
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Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it makes you a little short of breath, your heart beat a little faster and your tear glands start to swell in a way that can make it awkward to look at people in case they don’t feel the same way? I have to be honest, and I know this may not be the most masculine thing I’ve ever said; there is one thing so beautiful that you can almost guarantee it will move me to tears. You may think that I’m about to wax lyrical in some horribly clichéd manner about...
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