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The 40-Year-Old Virgin

About four thousand years ago an old man, nearing the end of his days, set to thinking about relationships. He was a widower, but his concern was for his son who could have, at this point, been named after the lead character in a Steve Carell movie: The forty year old virgin. So the father called his servant and asked him to swear an oath. Instructions followed for the servant to go forth and find the son a bride. The father, Abraham, gave very specific instructions on how this would happen. Valentine’s day can sometimes be a touch melancholic for...
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For many years growing up, I read the word in a bible that I still own; it’s black, slightly dog-eared, and well thumbed. Inside the front cover is an inscription from Mike, dated 1994. I remember Mike well, he lived with us for a while, and my lasting memory of him is walking along a beach in Northumberland with him talking to me about Jesus and about the need to make a personal choice to follow. Mike wasn’t one of the church leaders, or one of my blood relatives, he was an international student. He is one of the first...
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