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Reformed and being reformed

I’m not going to lie, I was underwhelmed by the door. When you travel over 650 miles to see a door, you expect it to be as you imagined it. While there’s some debate about whether Luther ever posted his 95 theses on the door of the Schlosskirche, we can all be sure he didn’t personally engrave them on the ornate door that now stands there. If the door itself was something of a let down, however, the trip to Wittenberg was anything but. I’d travelled there to learn more about the events that led to the reformation and to see...
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The thinkers and philosophers who gathered to grill the apostle Paul on his beliefs atop the Areopagus had heard many things in their time. Athens had always been a centre of knowledge and education; it was the city that had produced Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates and it carried the intellectual stature to match that tradition. The men Paul spoke with probably thought they had heard every idea under the sun. According to Luke, the historian who travelled with and wrote about Paul, they did little else with their time but talk about and listen to ideas. A revolutionary claim There was something...
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Everything is Illuminated

I watched the sunrise, yesterday, but you could be forgiven for thinking that I didn’t. It’s become an August bank holiday tradition to sleep under the stars. We’ve been in a cave, on a hillside, and yesterday found us on a beach. As tends to be the way with sleeping in the open, I was awake at dawn with my eyes scanning the eastern horizon. A low line of clouds hung in the sky and the time for sunrise came and left without that beautiful slither of gold making it’s appearance. I didn’t see the sunrise, but I knew that it had....
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The Dream of Freedom

“We are too young to realise that certain things are impossible,” said William Wilberforce, “So we will do them anyway”. There are perhaps no better words to introduce the life of a man who undertook the improbable, to achieve what seemed impossible, and lived to see his dream realised. We are too young to realise that certain things are impossible, so we will do them anyway. William Wilberforce had a dream, like so many great dreamers, of freedom. It seems that oppression, prejudice and captivity are the breeding ground of hope and dreams; what makes Wilberforce special was that he himself did not...
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The Boxer

I remember when I was in senior school I had a predicament involving someone who had frustrated me. I quickly hit upon the solution; I strolled down the class room, elbow dropped him in the back, and walked off. So what, I thought, he has asthma? Why stop yourself? The struggle will be good for him. As I returned to my desk I felt a surge of adrenaline, I could hear him winded and in pain behind me and I thought I had won. That feeling lasted for only the tiniest amount of time, however, when I remembered a few other...
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