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Can I let you in to a secret? As a Brit, I’ve often been a little bit cynical about thanksgiving. Not about the concept of saying thank you, but about the American holiday. For years I tended to adopt a particular air of indifference when it was mentioned and make an abundance of very dry, very sarcastic, comments. I’m all for gratitude where it’s due but dedicating a whole night to it? It’s just didn’t seem British. It’s not that I didn’t believe in being thankful, I just tended towards the more subtle expression of thanks – it was my general belief that...
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They that wait

Wait. It has to be one of the more frustrating words in the English language. In Waiting for Godot Samuel Beckett wrote an enduring tale of two men waiting for the arrival of an enigmatic third character, Godot, who never appears. The word wait has become laden down with our feelings and fears of deferred hope, potential missed opportunities, anticipation, impatience and delay. Yet the bible talks frequently of waiting on or for God, and the positive results it brings. In the bible waiting comes across as an action, rather than the absence of action. On Friday night I had the privilege...
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