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C.S Lewis

God Out of Office?

One of the books I’ve dipped in and out of lately is The Iliad; don’t worry, I’ve not converted to polytheism, cast aside my salvation – if such a thing were even possible – or started worshipping Zeus, I just have a literary interest in the book. In the early chapters, after a rather large tiff between Achilles and King Agamemnon, Achilles’ mother heads up to Mount Olympus to petition Zeus on her son’s behalf. What happens next was most amusing; Zeus, the big daddy of all the Greek deities, is not at home. He can’t answer her petitions because...
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God Calls You…

Last year a close friend got married and, as a post-wedding treat, I thought that I would take his phone and implement a fiendish plan. We’d lived together before he got married so I knew the name that he affectionately calls his wife and thus was born the best wedding present ever. It was a simple matter of relieving him of his phone and editing the keyboard shortcuts so that whenever he lovingly typed her name, the phone would auto correct it to call her Princess Precious Babycakes La La Boo. You can imagine how grateful they are, as a...
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