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Early Church

This Girl Can

I remember the first time I blogged about International Women’s Day it was quite by accident. I had been on my way to the refectory at university to buy some lunch when I was approached by numerous girls telling me which way I should vote in the day’s student elections. I knew nothing about the issues on campus but I knew a good smile when I saw one and voted accordingly. On my return to my desk I posted my experiences along with the inevitable conclusion that Emmeline Pankhurst had not went far enough: Men should be disenfranchised because we were far too...
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Textual Healing

A couple of weeks ago a friend text me about the authorship debate around the second epistle of Peter, and asked where that leaves us if it isn’t genuinely his. After a round of texts a blog entry was suggested and so here we are, a break from the norm. It was the first time I had heard of the debate regarding authorship of the book, but I knew of other textual issues and so dived right in. Sometimes we come across these little notes in our bibles about what manuscripts do or don’t contain a passage, etc, but as most of us...
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