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An Alternate Rich List

Ed Sheeran. He’s got a bit of cash, apparently, though not as much as Paul McCartney who has a whole lot more. I know this because yesterday was the publication of the Sunday Times’ Rich List, an annual list of the richest people in the UK. Growing up I just accepted the rationale of this — of course a nationally respected newspaper publishes a list celebrating how much money rich people have — yet now I can’t help but question why this is accepted. Why would this list exist if not for the underlying assumption, ingrained in our society, that...
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The thinkers and philosophers who gathered to grill the apostle Paul on his beliefs atop the Areopagus had heard many things in their time. Athens had always been a centre of knowledge and education; it was the city that had produced Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates and it carried the intellectual stature to match that tradition. The men Paul spoke with probably thought they had heard every idea under the sun. According to Luke, the historian who travelled with and wrote about Paul, they did little else with their time but talk about and listen to ideas. A revolutionary claim There was something...
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A Handful of Kings

Everything points to Jesus. It’s one of the first rules of biblical studies, everything points to Jesus. When you’re knee deep in the history of the kings of Israel and Judah, however, that can be harder to see than at other times. It can seem like an endless roll call of ne’er-do-wells with only the occasional bright light. A long list of men—with names that seem at times confusingly similar, and mainly begin with the letter J—who all too often ‘did what was evil in the sight of the Lord’. I believe, however, that the histories recorded in the bible speak not...
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Outrageous Love

Every time I sit down to write a blog recently, there’s some new atrocity in the news. Shootings, bombings, stabbings. Somehow terror has grown even more terrifying, sudden, and startling. It’s hard to imagine the kind of evil it takes to drive a truck deliberately through a crowd of celebrating families, open fire on revellers with a semi-automatic, or detonate a bomb that indiscriminately massacres crowds of people. The easiest, most obvious, and seemingly most natural, response is to hate. Hate Daesh and al-qaeda, hate the Mahdi Army and Boko Haram, and hate whoever else is presently unleashing their evil upon the world. And yet, a couple...
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Everything is Illuminated

I watched the sunrise, yesterday, but you could be forgiven for thinking that I didn’t. It’s become an August bank holiday tradition to sleep under the stars. We’ve been in a cave, on a hillside, and yesterday found us on a beach. As tends to be the way with sleeping in the open, I was awake at dawn with my eyes scanning the eastern horizon. A low line of clouds hung in the sky and the time for sunrise came and left without that beautiful slither of gold making it’s appearance. I didn’t see the sunrise, but I knew that it had....
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