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It’s good to talk…

Do you ever get tired of small talk? I remember going to get my haircut when I lived in my home town. Every time, without fail, I would go and the hairdresser and I would have the same round of identikit conversations. I didn’t have much to say and I wasn’t good at small talk so eventually I just changed hairdressers. It seemed the easiest option. I never did go in and tell her though, because I didn’t want to have a conversation that went along the lines of “it’s not you, it’s me”. I never thought, during those conversations, that perhaps...
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Like a large portion of the population of Newcastle and Gateshead, I found myself in the new Krispy Kreme Hot-light store over the weekend. We had been cycling and the new store was on our way home; after thirty odd miles a few carbs seemed like the order of the day. Locking up our bikes I strolled across to the smiling fellow in the store uniform and asked if the line protruding from the front door was the line for individual doughnuts. “Yes,” he said, with a sense of pride and satisfaction, “but it’s not so long this evening, it’s only...
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