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I remember when I was younger there was an expression of love that went beyond all other; sure you could like a person, you could even love a person, but could you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo? There was a long running line of television commercials built around the idea that these small chocolate treats were so tasty that you’d only give up your last rolo if it it was really love. In the last two posts we’ve looked together at the definition of church, and at the need for us to love the church. But there...
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It’s complicated. I don’t know who first coined the description but in an era where millions use Facebook to define their lives it has become the go to description for relationships that just aren’t working as they should. Any time I see a friend set their status to ‘It’s complicated’ I start to worry about them; it’s not that I don’t recognise that life is complicated, but rather that when a relationship is defined by its complications that’s usually a very negative situation. What really saddens me is when people seem to have a relationship to the church that they’d define in...
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If you follow me on twitter, or have me as a friend on Facebook, you may have became aware of something. Perhaps at first you thought I had a little bit of a crush, the photos and updates would lead to that conclusion, then as it kept up you figured that it’s more of an infatuation. The thing is, it’s neither of those. It’s love. I love church. It’s not a passing fad, it’s a lifelong commitment – we are even Facebook official. I am hoping that you might bear with me as I dedicate a few blog posts to...
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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘running off to join the foreign legion’? The French Foreign Legion is the stuff of legend because of its amazing feats of courage and bravery; on the 30th April 1863, for instance, at the Battle of Camarón, 65 legionnaires defended a position all day against 2,000 Mexican troops. They defended it literally until it was two of them standing back to back to face down enemy charges. So who were these crack troops? The cream of the academy? The best men from Sandhurst? Well, not exactly.  For many years the legion was what one historian described as ‘an...
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Bi-directional Growth

It may surprise you to know that I spent many months, when I was younger, gardening. I know, I’m not exactly what you’d consider when you think of someone doing manual work. I’d like to paint an image of a tanned and muscular self toiling under the midday sun but to be honest I looked pretty much the same, it rained a lot and I sneezed even more. Anyway, one thing you learn very quickly when you’re doing any gardening is that the more impressive the plant, the harder it is to dig out. This is because growth is bi-directional....
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