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Frankly, Unworthy…

If you were to peer into my wallet, amongst the usual collection of bank cards and library cards, you’d find a fair number of loyalty cards from various coffee houses and eateries. I like it, when I pick up a drink in Pret they stamp my little card and every so often I don’t have to pay. Result. It’s a nice feeling but I do wonder if sometimes we approach God in a similar manner and, whether we express the thought or not, feel that because we pray daily, or always go to church, or serve, that we deserve to...
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Come Into My Kingdom

A number of days ago my younger sister, Elisabeth Jobes, was taken to hospital unconscious and unable to breathe. For 18 hours the medics did their utmost, some refusing to go home at the end of their shifts, opting instead to stay and help – even a whole department refused to close for the night. For an equal amount of time an ever increasing number of friends turned the waiting room and hospital corridors into a prayer centre. We took communion in the intensive care waiting room, united not by our membership of any church – four different churches were...
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