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The Phototrophic Life

I don’t really remember a lot of my biology study at school. If my biologist friends could look away now then I’ll admit, I found it really boring. There are seven characteristics of life and to a teenage boy only one is of any interest; to a Christian teenage boy? That was off limits too. Biology felt like it was just a way to give us a science lesson where we couldn’t burn down the science labs. I somehow passed science, however, and one of the things that I do remember is phototropism. Phototropism is directional growth in which the...
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Jesus Be The Centre

It’s hard to sum up an experience like Hillsong Conference and yet, at the same time, it would seem remiss of me not to blog about something that had that much impact. The thing is, I’m not sure myself quite what is going to hit me the most. So many times during the preaching I got that amazing feeling you get when something directly speaks into your life – that was fantastic but what’s even more exciting is the feeling that there is so much more still to get. In such an intensive conference you don’t get long between messages...
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Sixty Stadia

I understand that the title of this blog will raise all kinds of questions. Why sixty stadia? Is that like Old Trafford or the Nou Camp? Neither, it’s like seven miles.Sixty stadia is the distance between Jerusalem and Emmaus; it’s also the distance between confused despair and hope, between mourning and gladness, between fear and boldness. It’s the difference between trudging off with our shoulders slumped and taking the gospel to our world with vigour. For Cleopas and his fellow traveller their world lay in disarray. The one they had trusted and followed had been hung from a tree, the...
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