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New Year

Another Chance

You shouldn’t dance and drive. It’s simply not a good idea. Yet, as I progress through life, I’m finding it harder and harder not to. Just a little bit, you know, a head nod or two and one hand to tap out a beat while the other steers. While heading home on Boxing Day, fighting the urge to do just that, an old song came on the radio; Another Chance by Roger Sanchez. It’s crazy, right? Some humans have been born and raised to adult life since that song came out. I struggle as much as the next person to understand how that...
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Reflections along the way

I’ll never forget walking up to Hősök tere, Heroes’ Square, at about ten thirty on my last night in Budapest. In 1989, 250,000 people had gathered in the square for the reburial of Imre Nagy – alongside the heroic Pál Maléter and others – but that night I found myself alone amidst the indescribable beauty and grandeur of the millennium monument and its colonnades. I wandered to the middle of the square, exactly central, sat cross legged on the ground and relaxed; a lone rollerblader glided gracefully by and circled the monuments, as if sent by some benevolent choreographer to perform a silent ballet and add to the...
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