The Stand

‘The Stand’ is a spoken word piece written for the Iron Men 2014 conference at NCLC. The theme of the conference was ‘Stand’ and I wanted to use this piece to explore the ways that we interpret a stand. It’s often considered that a stand is a symbol of independence but a child initially stands not to be independent from their parents but in imitation of them. This should be paralleled by our journey in the faith as we learn to stand in imitation of Christ, and in the security of what He has done. Cinematography by Mark Harle, 2014.

There was a process then, and there is a process now.
Birth. Nature. New creation.
A boy, no words but breath.
A father, no shame but love.
Resting, quietly satisfied.

A boy;
Shuffling, crawling.
Watching, learning.

Not independence but imitation.
Set on a course of likeness;
Life imitating its source.

As life continues the stand takes on new meaning.
A statement of intent,
A position of defiance,
An act of provocation,
of protest,
of peace.

Then comes rebirth,
New creation again,
A new man,
The father, no shame but love,
And as He sees His creation stand,
He rests, quietly satisfied.

The new man stands firm in faith,
Stands confident in the work of God,
United with His brothers,
Assured that His grace is enough.

He stands in awe and worship,
Arms lifted high,
Surrendering only to become stronger,

Time goes on,
A clock ticking,
Seasons passing,
And the world reacts to the stand.

A people rise from their knees,
Ankles and joints are strengthened,
Pasts are healed, futures are born,
And they rise to take their stand.

We stand now together,
A growing number,
In faith, In grace, In unity.

We stand because our father stands,
We stand because we imitate greatness.
We stand together; undaunted, unvanquished, undefeated.

We stand in our world because we have knelt in His

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