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He just wants to be where you are...

I love the way old cameras work. I’ve a beautiful vintage Olympus film camera at home; there are no menus, buttons, or screens, and everything is adjusted by rotating the lens in different places. Each section of lens has a different texture and the whole experience of photography becomes very tactile. As you rotate the lens, you can watch as the world seen through the viewfinder goes from blurry and out of focus to suddenly become crystal clear.

I had a moment like this during the worship at church on Sunday morning, a moment where everything seems to click into place and you see something with a new and fresh clarity. The team were leading us singing ‘Here now’, a song I’ve listened to and sang so many times in the car, you may have heard it too…

Here now, all I know is I know that You are here now
Still my heart, let Your voice be all I hear now
Spirit breathe like the wind, come have Your way
Cause I know You’re in this place

I think sometimes we equate God being here to God being at the church building. The God who is present in our worship (Psalm 22:3), God who dwells in His tabernacle (Exodus 25:8), God whose house we come too. They are phenomenal things, but do we think as frequently of the God who dwells with us?

Where are you really now? Not geographically, but spiritually, mentally, physically? What season is your soul walking through?

God is not a distant God, He is not waiting for us to come to Him. It is the same message that is at the very heart of the gospel – God has already came to us. 

He is with you in your divorce, He is with you in your grief, with you on your greatest day and your worst. He is with you in your fight against addiction, and with you the day you beat it. He is with you in your relationship, with you in your anxiety, with you when you think that no one else is.

And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age
– Matthew 28:20

If you are going through a tough time, think of the biggest battle you’re fighting—the one that in your darkest hours you can’t quite understand how a just God could let you have to fight—and there He is, in the trenches of life with you. He’s present in the best and most beautiful moments, but He’s also present in the ugly, painful, sometimes hard realities of life in a broken world.

But surely, surely, God would not be comfortable there in the mud with us? Well, He wasn’t comfortable being arrested, tortured and crucified either, but He did it for the same reason—to be with us. Much as we sing words about wanting to be where God is, we sometimes forget how much He wants to be where we are.

Much as we sing words about wanting to be where God is, we sometimes forget how much He wants to be where we are.

What I love about this song, Here now, is that it reminds us of that fact; He will do anything to be where you are. 

I hope that the knowledge that He is with you not just when you sing, not just when you’re in a church building, but wherever your life has found you, encourages you.

Be still. All I know is I know that He is here now.

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Photo from Carl Jones, used under Creative Commons Licence.


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